Social Media Profile Must-Haves

Social Media Profile Must-Haves

Optimizing your social media presence is about way more than just the content you post.  Your posts are definitely important, but not enough to really elevate your presence all on their own.  Be sure to also focus on all of the following to really make your profiles the best they can be.

1. Branded profile pictures and cover photos 

One of the first things potential followers will come across on any social media channel is your profile photo and cover photos (depending on the site).  When it comes to a profile picture or thumbnail, you may be tempted to get creative and show off one of your popular offerings or latest deals.  However, you’re better off using your logo or similar branding as your profile picture.  Showing off your branding very clearly and keeping it consistent over time will help people to recognize your profile, and build your legitimacy as a brand.

Cover photos and banners are more of an opportunity to get creative and try different things.  You can try promoting specials, sales, or popular items in your banners.  But note that no matter what image or images you choose, be sure to still include some branding to display the clear connection to your business. 

2. Consistent account names 

Your handle and account name are a couple more places where you don’t want to go too far out of the box. Your name is another opportunity to really solidify your branding and clarify who you are.  Try to match your account names and handles to your business name as closely as possible.  Then, no matter whether people are finding your brand on social media, through your website, or in person, they will be seeing the same name.  You won’t leave people wondering whether they’ve come across the right Instagram account.

3. Catchy and informative description 

Next up after a name and photo comes your description.  Each social media platform offers some sort of space to describe yourself and your brand a bit more, so you can briefly let people know who you are and what you do.  

The space for a description and business information varies across social media platforms, so be sure to cater your content individually to each channel.  For instance, you’ll want a short and to-the-point description for your Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok bios, but can expand a bit more on who you are and what you do in your About section on Facebook.

4. Direct links anywhere you can 

There are a number of places across social media where you can share direct links to your website, online ordering, or other relevant landing pages.  Make sure you make use of as many opportunities as possible to direct people back to your website. If you’re sharing a product you want people to buy or service you want them to enroll in, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to buy, in as few steps as possible.  Providing the direct link can help immensely with this.  

Just a few of the places you’ll want to include a link to your website or Linktree: Your About information on Facebook, Twitter bio, Instagram bio, TikTok bio, stories on all channels, and in the text of posts on Facebook and Twitter.

5. Engagement with other accounts 

Once your own profile looks good and provides consumers with all the relevant information, you still can’t just sit back and post content.  Engaging with others on your social media channels is the final, and one of the most important, ways to really optimize your presence. Make use of direct messages, comments, and replies to chat with potential customers and others within your industry.  Be sure you’re following brands and people who are relevant to what you do. Engage with others, and you will build stronger relationships and increase the chances that people engage with your content as well. Not only can you build a community, but also increase exposure for your content along the way.  A win-win!

If you make sure to include all five of the things mentioned above in your social media profiles, you are on the right track to really optimize your presence.

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