Tik Tok Trends for Small Businesses

Tik Tok Trends for Small Businesses

When one thinks of promoting their small business, Tik Tok needs to be high on the list of priorities and here is why.

New Tik Tok trends arise daily and it is one of the most creative social media platforms. You are able to showcase your small business by participating in a variety of trends that range from silly to educational. When you participate in the latest trends you will play into Tik Tok’s algorithm, which will increase your views and engagement.  And of course the more people who see your content, the better!  

So how can you participate in the latest trends? It requires consistent research and staying up to date on the latest and greatest.  For now, here are some popular trends for small businesses:

1. #TellMeWithoutTellingMe 

This trend can be traced back to 2019 and has stayed popular through the years. It is a fill in the blank:  Tell me you’re ______ without telling me.  It essentially gives people a chance to share videos or photos showing how they fit a certain category or trait.  An example use of this trend could be for a local Italian restaurant. They could feature their homemade dishes like lasagna and spaghetti using the trending sound and the caption “Tell me you own an Italian restaurant, without telling me you own an Italian restaurant.”

2. #ThingsThatJustMakeSense

This trend is a silly way that you could show off items in your store. Often, this trend is comical because they are things that you would not expect.  But you can also take this trend seriously and use it to show off all your brand has to offer.  Perhaps if you own a local golf shop, you could show the various items you sell, the golf simulator where people can test out clubs, and people taking lessons from your pros with the sound and caption it, “Things that just make sense in our golf shop.”

3. Duets

If your small business comes across someone singing or dancing, you can duet them. It sounds silly but the trend is rising and it is a popular way to engage with customers.  A duet is where you take someone else’s video and repost it next to your own video of you doing or saying the same thing.  So if you really liked a dance one of your followers did, you could do the dance yourself and post the two videos side-by-side.  This is a really great, personal way to connect with the individuals you choose to duet, and can gain you some new fans along the way!

4. Behind the Scenes

Regardless of the type of small business you own, whether it is a clothing store, restaurant, or gym, customers enjoy getting a peek behind the curtains. It makes your business look authentic and friendly. By showing how you make a dish or stock your new inventory, it gains attention and humanizes your brand.  People will feel a stronger connection with your business if they feel you are transparent and willing to share all different aspects of it.

5. Showing off your products

Finally, this seems straightforward but that doesn’t make it any less true.  Customers want to see how your product is used before they buy it.  They want to see how it relates to them and how it will fit into their life. That does not mean you should just post pictures of your product for people to ogle.  It is much more useful to show it in action, and give examples of the ways it could be useful in a potential customer’s life.  For example, you could highlight a phone case and its resistance to water, the breathable fabric of a workout shirt, or perhaps even testimonials from customers about the way your product or service impacted them.

These are just a few of the many trends your business should consider trying out on TikTok.  Staying involved in the latest trends can help you more quickly and efficiently spread the word about your offerings and grow your TikTok presence. 

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