Successful TikTok Strategies for Your Restaurant

TikTok has been a great tool for small business owners to showcase their products on social media. Restaurants especially have seen great success in bringing new customers to their restaurants through the use of TikTok. From showcasing menu items to giving your audience a feel of what your restaurant’s atmosphere is like, TikTok is an amazing tool that all restaurants should be utilizing. Listed below are a few successful TikTok strategies we think you should consider:

1. Introduce new menu items or specials

TikTok is a great way to build excitement and hype around new menu items. Videos are amazing for showcasing mouthwatering new dishes that your customers are going to want to try. TikTok can also build a sense of urgency around limited-time menu items. If customers know a dish won’t be around for long, they’ll want to try it even more!

2. Teach your audience a recipe

Customers love behind the scenes looks into products they love! By showing your audience how your most popular dishes are made, customers will have a newfound appreciation for their favorites! Give users a sneak peek of your work environment and the care that goes into each dish. You don’t need to give away any secrets, but instead dispel the mystery behind popular dishes.

3. Team up with local micro-influencers to promote your restaurant 

Influencer marketing is a great way to reach new audiences. Identify local influencers whose audiences are similar to yours. Try to find local chefs, foodies, food bloggers, and restaurant reviewers to taste test your food. Check your social media for any messages from potential collaborators or look for people who have already posted a positive review. If they already like you, they are more likely to spread their enthusiasm to their audience.

4. Showcase the full dining experience

Show your customers not only what your food looks like but what your dining experience is like. Show diners what it’s like to eat at your restaurant with a TikTok video that showcases a full course meal. Include everything from drinks to appetizers and desserts. Showcasing your favorite pairings is also a great way to provide customers with information beyond your menu.

5. Take advantage of trending sounds, effects, and ideas

Using trending sounds, effects, and ideas are key to increasing your account’s views and engagement. Hopping on the right trends is a great way to reach audiences beyond your followers and typical users who interact with your account. Hashtags are also a great way to place your videos on the For You page: You just need to ensure you are using the correct ones for your content.

With the strategies above, your restaurant will be able to start building up a TikTok following in no time at all!

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