Using Instagram Live Rooms for Your Business

Using Instagram Live Rooms for Your Business

This spring, Instagram introduced a new feature for their Live function: Live Rooms.  Live Rooms allows you to “double down” on the number of hosts that can go Live together.  Previously, only 2 accounts could go Live together in one stream, but Live Rooms increases that to 4 creators. 

While this change may seem relatively small, it is definitely something that your brand could take advantage and make use of.  Below are just a few ways you can use Live Rooms, and some benefits it can offer your brand.

Potential Uses for Live Rooms  

New Releases of Collaborations 

Lots of small businesses like to join forces to create exclusive collaborative products.  These collaborations are often exciting for customers.  A great way to build up hype for collaborations like these would be to co-host a Live Room with all the involved businesses.  You can join forces to answer questions, give details, and offer sneak peeks of the release.

Panels and Q-and-A’s 

Another great use for Live Rooms would be to host a panel or question and answer session with various members of your company.  These can be a great source of general information for curious potential customers, and can allow viewers to hear from multiple voices within the organization at once.

Influencer Events 

If your brand ever partners with influencers to promote your offerings, you can also take this partnership to a Live Room.  Celebrity influencers could be a big draw to bring viewers in to your Live.  Hosting a Room where a few different influencers chat with each other and with you about your brand would be another great way to build excitement.

Product Trials 

Live Rooms also provide an opportunity for customers to try your products out for others to see.  You could choose a few lucky customers to try out your latest release, and chat with you about it as they are giving it a go.  Potential customers can see them trying, and hopefully enjoying, the release in a very authentic and organic way.

Benefits of Live Rooms for Your Brand

Increased Exposure

When you go live with another account, you not only have the opportunity to reach all your own followers, but all of their followers as well.  So naturally, the more different accounts you are Live with, the wider an audience you will be able to reach.  Each co-host’s audience is actually notified when the account starts a Live, to encourage people to tune in.  Thus, Live Rooms provide a great opportunity to reach people you otherwise wouldn’t be able to.  

More Personal Connections 

Just like typical Instagram Live videos, Live Rooms also can help you connect with your audience on a more personal level.  You can see viewers’ comments and questions throughout your Live, and can engage directly with them. The Rooms feature really helps provide a space to build your community and share your brand’s values.

Monetize Content

Finally, Live Rooms can be a great way to help monetize your content.  Instagram allows viewers to purchase badges while they are watching your Live video.  These badges are essentially a way viewers can show their appreciation for the content you’re sharing, and let you know they are enjoying it.  The revenues from these badge purchases are one big way your content can be immediately and directly profitable. And the more value you provide to viewers by engaging in interesting Live Rooms streams, the more money you’ll generate.

There are a wide variety of ways your business can make use of Instagram Live Rooms, and many enticing reasons to do so.  Live Rooms can help your brand reach your audience in new ways, generate potential sales, and grow your fanbase as well. It can even help you generate revenue right away with badges! Live Rooms is definitely a feature your brand should make use of, if you aren’t already.

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