5 Facebook Publishing Tools You Probably Didn’t Know About

Flashback to twenty years ago, the term social media hadn’t originated yet. The only way to get in contact with a business was through phone or in person. Most businesses didn’t even have a website. Now, it’s 2022, your business has to have not only a social media page but also a presence to survive. Meta is the top social media platform and has countless businesses that rely on it to communicate with customers, stay relevant, etc. Since twenty years ago, social media has dramatically evolved and continues to. Meta continues to make it easier for its users and businesses to get the most out of their social media efforts with its publishing tools.

Here are some that you may not know about, but are extremely helpful:

1. Schedule Posts– Meta Business Suite and Creator Studio

In Meta, you basically have access to a virtual assistant that posts for you. Meta has capabilities that allow its users to schedule posts in advance. You are able to schedule in either Meta Business Suite or Creator Studio. Each has its own specific pros and cons, but both can help you schedule a variety of posts in advance. By scheduling in advance, you are able to make sure your business stays consistent and you don’t have to remember to post on a daily basis.


2. Analyze Audience

When your scheduled posts are finally posted, Meta gives you feedback about the audience/viewers. It will show the viewers’ age, gender, location, education, and more. This analysis helps determine the audience that is resonating with your posts, and allows you to make changes to grab attention from the best audience. 


3. A/B tests

A/B tests are a very cool tool because your business is able to test multiple versions of a post and see how they perform against each other. With all of the data available in Meta, you can see what types of posts are performing best for you and then run tests based on this information.  You are able to create different versions of a post and see which is viewed more so as to maximize the impact your posts make. 


4. Facebook/Meta Ads Manager

More users need to take advantage of this tool because Meta makes it so convenient and easy to advertise. You are able to choose your target audience and if you do not like results, then you can make adjustments to the ad. Additionally, you are able to see the top ads for your brand, how many impressions were made, and so much more. 


5. Cross-Promote on Meta & Instagram

Since Meta owns Facebook and Instagram, cross-promoting and cross-posting is extremely easy. When scheduling out posts, you are able to see how the layout of the post will look on Facebook’s platform and Instagram’s platform. You are able to simultaneously post at the same time, removing one step from the process of getting a post live. 


It is crazy but also very cool to see how social media has evolved and helped businesses grow to an unimaginable level. Meta is one of the platforms that has proved itself to be most useful to brands in helping them grow and reach new customers.

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