How Facebook Publishing Tools Can Help Your Brand

How Facebook Publishing Tools Can Help Your Brand

Meta Business Suite has been transforming quite a bit recently.  With this transformation has come many new features for businesses.  In particular, there are a number of publishing tools and capabilities that can help your brand with content creation.  Here are just a few of the ways Meta Business Suite can benefit you and help your brand create the best content possible.

1. Content calendar 

One of the publishing tools being offered by Meta is a content calendar to help you with planning posts and stories.  This calendar allows you to see all your content, from text posts to videos to stories and more, in one place.  It is a great tool to help you visualize your brand’s upcoming content schedule across the various platforms within Meta (like Facebook and Instagram). That way, you can make sure your objectives are being met and messaging is consistent across various placements.

2. Upcoming moments 

Along with the content calendar, Meta Business Suite also shows “upcoming moments.”  These moments are things like holidays, upcoming national events, and the like.  Being able to see these upcoming moments alongside your content calendar can help you to align your posts with relevant holidays and events. It can provide a reminder of upcoming holidays that may impact your customers’ browsing behavior, and alert you to national days you may not have known about. 

3. Optimal times 

Another offering from Meta that can help you craft your posts is their optimal time tool.  This shows you the best times each day to post, based on widespread trends and your audiences’ specific behaviors.  Posting at the right times can make sure your content is seen by the most people, which will only help you achieve your business goals and spread your message.

4. Free video templates 

Video content consistently seems to outperform static image content.  This has held true for the past couple of years, and this trend doesn’t seem to be likely to change anytime soon.  Video content catches peoples’ eyes and attention, keeping their gaze longer than photos would.  However, creating video content can be quite a bit more challenging and time-consuming than creating photo content.  Luckily, Meta offers a variety of free video templates, to take some of the creativity and time out of the process.  These templates can help spruce up your content, turning regular photos into an interesting and attention-grabbing video.

5. A/B Testing 

Even if you don’t need assistance creating your content, Meta offers other tools that can help your online presence.  One such offering is the ability to run A/B testing on content you share.  With this capability, you can test up to 4 versions of a post at once to see which one gets the best response from your audience.  You can test different creative or different copy.  After all your proposed versions run for a set amount of time, a winner is determined based on performance. That version will be the one that becomes a permanent post and is shown to all fans.

6. Stories from desktop 

One capability that users were missing for a long time was the ability to post a story from desktop.  Stories have long been a mobile-only feature of sites like Facebook and Instagram.  But with their new publishing tools, Meta finally provides a way for users to post new stories from their desktop.  This can be especially useful to businesses who may have large quantities of content stored on their computer, or may want to post a story that they’ve edited with a desktop software. 

7. Convenience of scheduling all posts from one place 

Last but certainly not least, the convenience of bringing so many tools together in one place cannot be overstated.  Many of the tools and features listed above are not new concepts: There have long been softwares that offer content planning calendars, websites that help you figure out the best times to post, and editing tools that provide easy-to-use video templates.  But having all of this together, in the same place that you are also scheduling out your content, is hugely convenient.  It can help to keep everything organized and prevent you from having to jump between 5 different tabs just to get a post created and scheduled.

If you haven’t yet fully explored the publishing tools in Meta Business Suite, you should.  There are many features that could help your brand with every step of the process, from content creation to calendar planning to optimizing your posts and stories.

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