Let’s Talk About Attribution Models

You may or may not be familiar with the idea of an attribution model. It is just one of many ways you can analyze data from your marketing efforts to make improvements going forward. Attribution models can be a very useful tool to provide insights about your digital campaigns, and pinpoint which of your digital efforts are working most effectively. For those who aren’t familiar, or are wondering if these models are something they should be using, we’re breaking down the basics of attribution models below.

Take Your Social Media From Good to Great

Even if your business has a solid and consistent presence on social media, that doesn’t mean there’s no room for improvement. Maybe your posts are feeling a bit stale, or you’re looking for an extra edge. Here are some quick fixes and small tweaks that can take your content from good to great, and really help you stand out.

A Guide to Communication Outside Your Organization

Communication as a whole has many best practices and unspoken rules. But communicating within versus outside your organization also has some important distinctions. Practices that work well internally aren’t always acceptable externally, and vice versa. We’re focusing specifically on communication with those outside your organization today, to bring you some tips and tricks for effective communication.

STL Foodies We Can’t Get Enough Of

You know those IG accounts that have you drooling? That always posting the most incredible food photos? We’ve got a great food scene here in our hometown of St. Louis, and a great foodie influencer scene to go along with it. If you want to see some drool-worthy photos, don’t miss these stellar foodie accounts:

How We Can Help You Set Your Marketing Apart

Are you in a marketing rut? Stuck in the same routine? Have sales fallen flat and you’re not sure why? Struggling to keep up with changes in the digital landscape? Just looking to switch things up and get a new perspective?

We can help! We offer well-rounded digital marketing services that can help you across the board. Below are just a few of the ways we can help you step up your game and stand apart from your competitors.

Everything to Know About Twitter Fleets

Since being introduced at the end of 2020, Twitter’s Fleets feature has been growing and evolving. What are the benefits of using Fleets, and are they here to stay? Read on for our take on Twitter’s latest feature.

Location-Based Marketing for Small Businesses

Making use of location-based marketing technologies can be beneficial to a wide range of businesses. Small businesses, in particular, can really benefit from location-based marketing. We’re walking through some of the top ways location-based marketing can help small businesses below.

Why Even “Bad” Ads Are Actually Good

Have you heard the old saying “All press is good press”? Well, the same is usually true in advertising. With the exception of problematic or offensive ads, running pretty much any ad can help your business. Whether your ads really hit the nail on the head or not, they can almost always be beneficial.

Added Benefits of a Strong Social Media Presence

Maintaining a presence on social media has obvious benefits: exposure for your brand name, a way to find new customers, additional sales, and the like. But that isn’t it. Here are some more unexpected reasons that it’s important to stay active on social media, and the added benefits it can provide for your business.

Digital Marketing Terminology: What it Means, and Why it Matters

There’s a lot of jargon that gets thrown around when it comes to digital marketing. For anyone who is not familiar with the field, it can sound like a whole lot of nonsense with all the abbreviations, acronyms, and specialized terminology. We’re here today to provide a little bit of insight into some of this terminology and the importance it holds in the field.

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