Social Media and Psychology

Social media has a huge impact on all of us, for better or or worse. Sometimes, we don’t even realize the impact it’s having, or why we are so affected. To better understand how social media came to have such a tight grip on society, it can be helpful to view it through the lens of psychology. Here are a few psychological frameworks to view social media phenomena through.

Planning Ahead While Maintaining Flexibility

When it comes to scheduling posts for social media, it can be a delicate balance between scrambling at the last second and planning too far ahead. You want your content to be timely and relevant, but also want to be able to plan your posts in advance. You want to be able to plan and work ahead, but also be ready to change and adapt on a moment’s notice.

Successful Social Media Copywriting: Tips and Tricks

While not quite as glamorous or eye-catching as the photos and videos, the written copy on social media posts is just as important. It can make a social media campaign great if done well, and completely tank it if done poorly.

Things That Do NOT Factor Into the Instagram Algorithm

Businesses and influencers alike are always concerned with the Instagram algorithm. It can be helpful to craft your content in a way that works to “beat” the algorithm. However, there are many misconceptions about what actually factors heavily into the algorithm and what does not. Here are a few components that are commonly mistaken as being important factors in the algorithm that in reality, don’t matter much at all.

Marketing Around the Holiday Season

There is no more important time of year for marketing than around the holidays. Between parties, events, end-of-year corporate bonuses, and gifts for family and friends, consumers purchase more at this time of year than any other time. It is important for brands to capitalize on this increased spending to boost their sales in the final quarter of the year.

Keeping Your Content Fresh

It can be easy to get into a rut when it comes to posting on social media. No matter how often your brand runs deals, unveils new offerings, or offers specials, sometimes your content feels stale and repetitive. There are, however, plenty of creative ways to keep your content feeling fresh. And the good news is, you don’t always need a professional photo shoot to do it. Here are some ways to freshen up your posts, both by repurposing old content and creating new content.

Making the Most of a Limited Marketing Budget

As a small business, it can be easy to be intimidated by the huge dollar values that national corporations commit to their marketing budgets. But just because your marketing budget isn’t in the millions doesn’t mean that it can’t be effective for your company. You really don’t always need the big bucks as long as you are being smart and efficient with the budget you do have. Here are 5 ways to stretch your marketing budget as far as possible and make the most of it.

Emerging Influencer Categories

Social media influencing has been a well-established field for quite some time now. Certain categories, such as beauty influencers, fashion influencers, and gaming influencers, have been around practically as long as the field itself. However, as with any other field, there are also constantly new trends developing. New categories of influencers emerge relatively frequently. What are a few of the influencer categories that have emerged and whose popularity has taken off recently?

How To Turn Traffic Into Sales

Driving traffic to your site is one thing, but getting that traffic to convert into sales is a whole different ball game. Oftentimes, business will be getting plenty of clicks, but the sales numbers just aren’t reflecting the same success. Here are a few potential reasons your traffic numbers may be there, but the sales just aren’t coming, and some methods to boost those sales.

The Power of Persuasion

When you think of persuasive you may think of a pushy car salesman who just won’t take no for an answer, but there are plenty of other ways to persuade people. Psychology has given us many persuasion techniques that have been proven to work in various settings, including in marketing your business. Here are a few you should be applying to your marketing strategy to easily increase your sales.

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