Reaching a Local Audience Digitally

The digital age has helped businesses reach customers in so many new ways, and opened up numerous new avenues through which to communicate with the public. With these incredible opportunities there have, of course, come some new challenges as well.

Rebranding Successfully

There are many reasons to rebrand your business. Maybe your target demographic has shifted, maybe your offerings have changed, or maybe you just need a facelift to keep up with the times. Whatever the reason,

5 Posting Trends You Do Not Want to Miss

Social media trends come and go so quickly that they can be hard to catch before they disappear. It seems that as soon as a trend or concept gains popularity, a new one pops up to overtake it.

Increasing Email Open Rates

Email marketing is a very profitable aspect of marketing right now. When used correctly, it can be a great way to interact directly with a tailored list of customers who have an attachment to your brand.

Social Media Sites and Your Business

We are fully in the age of social media.  It is almost impossible to have success as a brand today without having an online presence.  It can be a challenge to craft this presence across the many different social media platforms that exist.

Growth while Maintaining your Loyal Fan Base

As a business, you always want to be growing your audience and customer base. No matter who you are or how great your customers are, no brand has ever said “That’s enough, no need for any more fans please.”

The Lowdown on Online Reviews

Online reviews can really make or break a company. More than ever, people are turning to other consumers for their information about brands and businesses. Reviews are quickly becoming as important as any form of paid advertising

Getting the Most out of Giveaways

Everywhere you look on the internet these days, there are giveaways galore!  You can win anything from a flat-screen TV to a spa weekend to a pair of new shoes.  As a consumer, the prospect of winning something free

Tips and Tricks for Becoming a Successful Influencer

Being an influencer sounds like a pretty sweet job.  Who wouldn’t want to get paid just to post about their life on social media?  I think many of us have been tempted at least once to give it a try for ourselves.