Advertise Your Restaurant The Right Way

Paid advertising is a key part of a successful restaurant marketing strategy. The saying “You have to spend money to make money” really rings true. The best marketing for restaurants does require some investment, but it more than pays off in the long run.

Influencers, Events, Direct Mail, and More: Think Outside The Box For Your Restaurant Marketing

The common marketing methods everyone knows about are important. You’ll be hard-pressed to succeed without paying attention to restaurant marketing tips that advise you to have a strong social media presence, email marketing program, running Google/Facebok/Yelp ads, and optimizing your SEO.

But you shouldn’t just stick with these well-known channels. Getting creative and trying other methods can really help your restaurant marketing. Whether you do it yourself or enlist the help of a hospitality marketing agency, here are some less commonly-used channels to market your small business through.

Email Marketing For Restaurants

Don’t underestimate the power of email marketing for restaurants. It’s an underutilized tool that can play a key role in your restaurant marketing efforts. Let’s take a closer look at email marketing best practices and the role email should play in your restaurant marketing plan.

Social Media Marketing for Restaurants in 2023

It’s 2023: Is your restaurant up to date with your social media marketing? There are some well-established practices and some aspects that are ever-changing. Here are the social media marketing tips you need for your restaurant in 2023.

Why Restaurants Should Spend More on Marketing

Whether your restaurant is quick-service or fine dining, open for breakfast or dinner, thriving or barely getting by, you probably aren’t putting enough focus on your restaurant marketing. It’s easy to let marketing fall by the wayside when you start to get busy with other priorities. But without effective marketing, it will be hard to keep your restaurant successful. Here are just a few of the reasons hospitality marketing is so important, and why you should be focusing on it more.

Making a Successful Restaurant Marketing Plan

In 2023, it is more important than ever that your restaurant has a well thought out marketing plan. Marketing for restaurants is an essential part of succeeding in today’s landscape. This short guide will help you understand the importance of restaurant marketing and help you get started creating the best marketing plan for your restaurant.

Best and Worst Threads Posts For Restaurants

Threads has been around for a few weeks now and is starting to get into its groove. Especially with the recent disastrous rebrand of Twitter to X, Threads has the opportunity to really gain market share and become one of the most important social media platforms of the year.

Meta’s newest social media platform still has a number of shortcomings and kinks to work out. But it is clear that it has the potential to be a really useful digital marketing tool for small businesses, and restaurants in particular.

Threads Strategy For Restaurants

By now, everyone has heard of Threads, Meta’s newest social media platform that debuted in early July. It’s been dubbed the “Twitter-killer” and does indeed share many features with Twitter.

Threads is all the rage right now, but does it live up to the hype? As a small business owner, particularly a restaurant owner, should your brand join Threads? We’re here with the lowdown on all things Threads for small business.

How To Set A Restaurant Marketing Budget

Most restaurant owners know that they should be spending some money on marketing, but they’re not sure how much. Or how to decide where to spend it. Or why restaurant marketing really matters.

Here’s some important info about setting a restaurant marketing budget and how to do it well.

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