How To Use Instagram To Promote Your Small Business

How To Use Instagram To Promote Your Small Business

Instagram has quickly made its way to the top of social media platforms. Over 25 million of Instagram’s users are businesses! If you’re a small business and not using Instagram, here’s a list of reasons why you should be. 

1. Build Connections

If you went to business school, the phrase “make connections” is probably already drilled into your head. Instagram is just another connection tool you can add to your bag of tricks. It is a great place to connect with like-minded people and businesses. It’s also a fantastic way to dive into influencer marketing. Get your brand out there! 

2. Stay Up To Date On Trends

If you want to be in the know, be on Instagram. Post on holidays, create specialized discounts for Instagram users, follow along with the newest tags, story quizzes, and challenges. These are all ways to keep your business relevant to the consumer. 

3. Boost Sales

If you sell a physical product, you can now sell directly through Instagram. If you have a shop on your business Facebook page, you can link it to Instagram. Once linked, you have the ability to tag products so buyers can purchase right then and there. Another way to boost sales through Instagram is by promoting upcoming sales or events. Take advantage of that ad space! 

4. Stories

Instagram is the perfect platform to get personal with your followers! Utilize the story function to show behind-the-scenes looks, link to blog posts to web pages, or make announcements. This is also a great way to interact. Post questions and polls to get your followers involved. Save important stories as highlights so they are always visible on your profile page. 

5. Drive Traffic

Through location tags and hashtags, you have the ability to reach a worldwide audience. Use trending hashtags to increase traffic and use personalized brand hashtags to monitor interaction from your followers. Track this engagement easily through Instagram analytics. You’ll have access to post reach, impressions, interactions, and more. 

No matter what size following you have, your business can grow, make money, and reach a broad audience. Your customers want to be involved so let them! Taking the extra time to make an outstanding Instagram profile will pay off. Stay consistent and use the resources available to you. 

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