Marketing to the World’s Technology Obsession

Marketing to the World’s Technology Obsession

For most of us humans, the majority of our days are spent staring at a screen.  Whether it’s working on our laptops, streaming the latest Netflix show on our TVs, or playing games on our phones, we are without a doubt addicted to technology.  For better or for worse, this addiction has a strong grip on all generations in today’s society, and won’t be disappearing or letting up anytime soon. 

This provides a number of new opportunities for companies to use this obsession to their advantage.  Here are a few key ways your business can market to the world’s obsession with technology.  

Create Targeted Ads People Can’t Ignore  

With the amount of screen time people are amassing, it is important to get your advertisements onto their screens.  This can be done in a variety of methods, one of the most effective of which is through targeted ads.  Use the analytics tools available on sites like Google and Facebook to ensure your ads are being seen by the appropriate eyes.  

Make sure your ads are attention-grabbing as well.  You need scroll stopping content to gain the attention of us social media addicts.  Use visuals and catchy copy to rope in the serial scrollers and keep them interested.  If everyone’s eyes are locked on their phone or computer, make sure what they’re seeing are your ads.

Gain Attention by Making Fun Videos on Popular Sites 

This is a less direct way to utilize technology to your advantage.  Pay attention to the newest social media sites and platforms that are trending, and create a presence for yourself on them.  Create short videos that match the tone of your intended audience on these platforms.  For instance, if you sell food, you might want to make some quick and creative recipe videos for TikTok, or host a “Cook with Me” session on your Instagram Live.   

These types of videos do not need to specifically be advertisements for your offerings – they can serve to instead just help spread your brand name around and increase familiarity.  Some major brands have grown their presence on TikTok recently and are great examples of how to make this strategy work.  MAC Cosmetics’ TikTok has over 40,000 followers and features many short clips of fans using their products to create beauty looks.  Chipotle uses their TikTok to showcase recipes and behind-the-scenes looks in their kitchen in between fan-submitted content and funny memes.

Expand your Offerings to Include Technology-Related Products

While this does not apply to every field, it does apply to more than just electronics manufacturers.  Be flexible in your offerings and quick to respond to new technological developments.  For example, as a company selling women’s accessories, you might want to sell phone cases for the latest upgrades.  As a cosmetics company, you may want to sell an attachment that clips to phones and allows purchasers to do their makeup on the go.  As a yoga or fitness company, you may want to start offering virtual fitness lessons via apps or websites. Use your company’s strengths, and relate them to recent developments in technology.  However people are currently using their devices, find a way to work your company into that.   

Be the First to Take Up Exciting Technologies People are Using 

Finally, as developments occur, always stay on the forefront of the latest updates.  You don’t want to get left behind by your competitors on the uptake of new technologies.  This goes for not just developments that are directly related to your field, but also general developments that are trending amongst your audience.  Anything your audience could find fun to use or that could simplify some aspect of business for you is worth exploring.  Take, for example, QR codes.  These are being widely used lately for a variety of reasons.  Find a way to work something like that into your company’s strategy as soon as the popularity starts rising, whether it be to make sales, direct people to your website, or provide them with a discount or promotion of some sort. 

Harnessing the world’s obsession with screen time can really work to your company’s advantage.  Instead of being intimidated by the quick pace at which the world is changing, embrace it and use it to make your business better.  This will help you connect with your customers, reach the right audience, and create products or services that your audience will love.  

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