New Marketing Roles to Look Out For

New Marketing Roles to Look Out For

As the world changes, the job market changes with it.  Especially in fields that rely heavily on technology, new jobs are constantly emerging as new technologies are developed.  In fact, many of the jobs today’s college students will get after graduation do not even exist yet.

In the field of marketing, a lot has changed in recent years, and many new areas have emerged.  For instance, social media marketing and influencer marketing did not exist 10 years ago, yet now they are an essential part of any marketing strategy.  So what can we expect next?  Below are our top 5 emerging marketing roles to look out for in the coming years.   

Machine Learning and AI Specialists

Artificial intelligence is taking the marketing field by storm.  Everything from filters on Facebook and Instagram to computer vision is a result of artificial intelligence and machine learning.  Those with a background in statistics and computer science are likely to become even more valuable to marketing teams in the near future as AI and Machine Learning continue to grow.  This will be helpful not only with data collection and analysis , but also in automating roles that traditionally have required large amounts of human labor time. 

Bot Developers 

This goes hand in hand with the Machine Learning Specialist.  Automation of everything is the name of the game lately in marketing.  Now that digital customer service and communication is well-established, companies are looking for ways to automate this communication as much as possible.  Bots to respond to emails, messages, and social media comments are emerging as a key way to automate digital marketing efforts.  Many chat bots do currently exist, but do not always do everything a company is looking for.  Look for bot developers to become key members of many marketing teams to help companies strive for complete automation. 

Social Media Marketers for emerging platforms 

Social media marketing is old news by today’s standards – pretty much every successful company has a social media team by now.  However, this role is bound to keep changing and evolving in nature, if not in title, in the next few years.  Social media sites tend to have short-term popularity before making way for the next hot channel.  First there was Facebook, then Instagram, and now TikTok is all the rage.  Look for social media managers to continue to change their responsibilities as new social platforms and trends emerge. 

Social Media Algorithm Specialists 

If you’ve ever been on a social media channel, you’ve probably heard someone complaining about the ever-changing algorithm.  It’s the way these sites determine what posts and photos you see on your home feed, based on a complicated combination of factors including your viewing history, popularity of posts, and those you interact with most frequently.  Companies have long been trying to keep up with the algorithm and use it to their advantage.  Look for these efforts to lead into full-time algorithm specialist positions soon. 

Mood and Emotion Managers 

Now more than ever before, customers are making purchasing decisions based on ethos and emotion.  Managing and playing into people’s emotions has always been a part of marketing, but it is something that could become a position of its own in the near future.  With customers able to share their opinion so quickly and broadly online, it is growing ever more important to manage customers’ responses to your brand and be aware of the reputation of your brand.  This is currently something that most companies incorporate into general digital or social media marketing roles, but that could take more of a center stage and blossom into a role of its own in the coming years. 

Keep an eye out for all of the above roles to become more central to marketing strategy over the next few years.  With ecommerce and digital marketing dominating the field right now, all sorts of technological and innovative roles are bound to continue emerging.  By next year, there will probably be a whole new crop of up-and-coming marketing positions.  Who knows what will be next?

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