Twitter Tips for 2021

Twitter Tips for 2021

Twitter has been around for 15 years in the making and it is still widely used by millions of people. Now, in 2021, it is still one of the most popular social media platforms around.  

If you aren’t on Twitter already, you’ll want to set a goal to get the most out of Twitter. Setting a goal in the digital marketing community carries a lot of value. With Twitter engagements not slowing down anytime soon, you can make the most of the platform and gain more followers if you take note of these ten Twitter tips. Ready? Let’s go!

Refresh Your Profile

What does it take to fine tune your profile? The steps for this may sound cliché but this should be a good place to start. 

If it’s been a while since you last did it, you may want to give your entire profile a makeover with clear and concrete information. There may be a lot of work to do but taking these simple steps will help build your brand and keep you moving forward. In general, you’ll want to swap out your header photo for a new one and come up with a fresh and new bio. You may even want to retweet some of your favorite tweets to give your audience a sense of who your brand is. 

By simply editing your profile it will make a huge difference. People will notice the changes and appreciate the effort! Think of this as spring cleaning in a way: it refreshes your page to tell followers about you and your brand identity.

Encourage Engagement and Interactions 

Why encourage engagement? What does it mean to create interactions on Twitter?  Every social media channel has value, as long as you are being thoughtful while appropriately engaging with others! You always want to keep the idea of engaging others at the front of mind because it can help your business reach new potential customers. It can be a bit intimidating at first to engage with new people, but fear not. You must start somewhere or else you’ll never become more socially interactive, and the more you practice on building those skills the better you become. 

One method to engage your audience is to create a poll. This is one way you can make your content feel inviting for others to comment and give their feedback.

Focus on Your Target Personas 

Now is a great time to look at who you are targeting your tweets to: your personas – or buyers in one respect. Before you target these key personas, you’ll need to do some research so you know what specific audience you are trying to target.  Then, make sure your tweets read relevant to that audience and reflect your brand to your customers. By going through these steps, you’ll ensure your content is relatable and entertaining for the key segments you want to reach.

Create Unique Ads 

Advertising can be a lot of work, and Twitter is no exception. The process of making the videos for advertising can be stressful, at first, but creating an engaging advertisement for your audience is almost always worth the investment. Twitter ads are set up differently from regular tweets and provide extra benefits that regular tweets cannot. With ads, you can reach an audience well beyond just your followers to help expose new people to your brand. Paid promotions also provide you with more options to include buttons and direct links to connect users directly with your website or app.  Organic tweets are great and have many benefits, but there is no denying the extra gains that can be made through paid ads. 

There are many different kinds of ads available on Twitter that can help spread the word about your business. Make 2021 a year to experiment with Carousel ads, takeover ads, video advertising, and more!

Engage in Twitter Trends 

How else can you make your brand stand out? You can try engaging in recent Twitter trends – just be sure they are fun, friendly and appropriate for your intended audience. One thing to note is that not every popular trend may reflect your brand – so choose wisely. 

The reason to hop on trends is to boost engagement to help bring more connections in your community together.  By following along with a popular trend of the moment, you could reach new people quickly.  But don’t feel like you must do it every day: You want to sporadically mix these kinds of posts in with your other branded content.

Establish Your Brand’s Influence

How can you use Twitter to establish your brand’s influence?  Through both your copy and your imagery you can set yourself apart as an authority and major player in your field. When strategizing influential copy, you’ll want to think like you are a news reporter or copy editor with your messaging. Make sure the tweet is interesting enough to stop your followers from scrolling and grab their attention to really read it. Going hand-in-hand with your written content, you’ll also want to add imagery to your tweets to help you reach your Twitter goals! Eye-catching videos and images can capture the attention of Twitter users.  You’ll need to grab users’ attention before you can even think about influencing them, and unique imagery is a great place to start. Bringing together visuals and written content that both stand out can help you establish your brand as an influential player on Twitter.

Make Use of Messaging 

Twitter is set up as a microblogging and social blogging network service for all its users, but it’s also not uncommon for brands to engage with their customers via direct messages as well. If a client asks questions in your DMs, it can feel intimidating – but don’t be afraid to engage directly and build on your relationship.  

In your messages, always stand by the brand – have a plan in response to users’ questions and be casual and professional at the same time. It never hurts to direct them to a different individual with a higher position – such as a manager-if you are unsure how to respond or if things might spin out of control. 

Keep in mind the timing of answering questions is very crucial – responding promptly and accurately will help improve the customer’s perception. The longer time the customer waits can make them feel ignored and leave a sour taste.

Blog Content Using Strategy

Are you a passionate writer and blogger who loves to be a storyteller on social media? Twitter can definitely help you share this content. Another Twitter tip is that you can store your blogs and articles on Twitter like a library of books. But here’s some further tips to use: Don’t just post a link to your blog post on its own: Invest in adding some content, like a quote from the post, or ask an engaging question. Being creative and making the content free flowing and fun is a great method to keep your audience wanting more!

Diversify and Optimize Your Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most common business marketing tools we use in social media today. In fact, hashtags were first used in 2007, so that’s fourteen years in the making! Now for 2021, they’re still being used to create diverse topics within an audience. 

One method to optimize more engagement is to research the most popular hashtags on Twitter. Sometimes, different hashtags are trending on different social media networks, so just because something is popular elsewhere does not necessarily mean it will help you on Twitter. Make sure the hashtags you pick are engaging and have the best impression for your brand.  

To really make the most of this tool, be sure to keep a sharp eye on which hashtags are gaining the most current following on Twitter. Be one of the first to hop on a new trending hashtag!  One final pro tip: Twitter recommends limiting your hashtags to only one or two per tweet.

Utilize Visual Effects on Your Profile 

If you have a talent for creativity, then look no further! This is one of the best ways to optimize your account and keep people from scrolling past your profile. Using creative content like graphics, high-quality photos, and animated effects could help your profile have an eye-catching element to it. 

When you post any kind of imagery, keep in mind there are some specifications to follow for optimal viewing: 

  •     Your profile image needs to be exactly: 400 x 400 pixels
  •     Your header image needs to be exactly: 1,500 x 1,500 pixels
  •     For someone to be able to tweet with a single image: 1,200 x 675 pixels

Aside from images, you could also use a GIF or video, since these are typically more attention grabbing than an image.  But either way, if you’re creative with your content, you can’t go wrong with switching back and forth between all of them!

These ten tips are what you can use to make your Twitter stand out, without needing to be a social media whiz. If you refer to these simple concepts, you’ll be sure to set yourself apart with these marketing methods for success!

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