Yelp’s New Business Features

Yelp’s New Business Features

In the past few months, Yelp has been rolling out some monumental new features, opening up a world of exciting new possibilities for businesses. Here’s a guide to all you need to know about Yelp’s new business features.

  1. Yelp Connect

For $199 a month, Yelp Connect allows businesses to share their unique stories directly on their business page, much like story features on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. 

There are three categories of stories to choose from: 

  1. Updates: Sets an expiration date and prioritizes the promotion of the update before the date, then automatically deletes it. Examples: holiday hours and menu additions.
  2. Event: Specifies the date of the event and prioritizes promotion right before, and removed after the date of the event. Examples: limited-edition dishes and events hosted at the restaurant.
  3. Ongoing: No end date specified, the business will have to take down an ongoing story manually. Examples: popular dishes, dishes for special diets, restaurant specialties, business history, and weekly promos. 

2. Predictive Wait Time & Notify Me

These two features were launched after Yelp acquired Waitlist (formerly Nowait), which allows customers to join a virtual waitlist before arriving at a restaurant, saving them time from waiting in long lines. These features are free to businesses that subscribe to Waitlist, which is $249 a month.

Predictive Wait Time allows customers to see when would be the best time for them to dine without a wait, helping drive customers to less popular dining hours. 

Notify Me allows customers to schedule reminders to join a waitlist for future planned restaurant visits.

3. Portfolios

Portfolios allow businesses to highlight projects they’ve completed, accompanied by photos, descriptions, and pricing. This feature costs businesses $2 a day.

4. Highlights

Highlights allow businesses to include their desired characteristics with short phrases such as “locally-owned & operated,” “voted best ice cream,” etc. This feature also costs $2 per day.

5. Yelp Verified

Businesses can now apply for Yelp Verified licenses indicated with a large blue shield and checkmark, indicating they have valid trade licenses in their field. This allows potential customers to make more informed decisions and instills their confidence in the business. Licenses cost an average of $1 per day.

Are these new features right for you and your business? For Lemon Remodeling and Services, signing up for the new features brought them a 200% increase in Yelp page activity, leading to a noticeable increase in leads and new business. Based on that, while these features certainly are an investment, it seems like it’ll pay off substantially.

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