The Lowdown on Online Reviews

Online reviews can really make or break a company. More than ever, people are turning to other consumers for their information about brands and businesses. Reviews are quickly becoming as important as any form of paid advertising

Getting the Most out of Giveaways

Everywhere you look on the internet these days, there are giveaways galore!  You can win anything from a flat-screen TV to a spa weekend to a pair of new shoes.  As a consumer, the prospect of winning something free

Tips and Tricks for Becoming a Successful Influencer

Being an influencer sounds like a pretty sweet job.  Who wouldn’t want to get paid just to post about their life on social media?  I think many of us have been tempted at least once to give it a try for ourselves. 

Guerrilla Marketing? What’s That?

Let’s face it, advertisements are everywhere we look nowadays. This poses a challenge for marketing companies to create scroll-stopping content. This is where Guerilla Marketing comes in. 

Guerilla Marketing is a form of advertising that uses unusual and creative visuals that stops someone in their tracks and gets them thinking. The best part? It tends to be a much cheaper alternative to regular advertising! A little creativity can go a long way. 

How To Use Instagram To Promote Your Small Business

Instagram has quickly made its way to the top of social media platforms. Over 25 million of Instagram’s users are businesses! If you’re a small business and not using Instagram, here’s a list of reasons why you should be.

So, You Want To Start A Podcast?

It seems as if the number of podcasts out there have skyrocketed overnight. I don’t know about you but I always have a list of podcasts to get through each week. I like double tasking and it’s hard to do that while reading a book. Listening on the other hand is perfect for the busy body. Consuming knowledge while working out? Sounds good to me.

How To Grow Your Audience Through Guest Posting

Don’t stop at your own blog! Guest posting is one of the most important ways to begin growing your audience. Compare it to a celebrity interview. Talk shows would be pretty boring without the special guests. Having a guest come on is a great way to attract new eyes and grow your platform.

Must Try Facebook Retargeting Tips & Tricks

Ever visit a website then see an ad for the product you were viewing the next day? No, it’s not fate or a coincidence, it’s retargeting. When you chose to click “accept cookies,” you said yes to your browsing information being monitored.

Reputation Management For The Small Business

What comes to mind when you think of the word “reputation”? Maybe you thought of how others perceive you or your business. Or maybe you started singing “Bad Reputation” by Joan Jett. You know what it is but do you realize the importance of maintaining a good one?

6 Restaurant Health & Safety Operating Protocols

The STL Regional Business Recovery Initiative has outlined restaurant operating protocols to safely and responsibly re-open for in-restaurant dining. These principles will include the practice of social distancing, monitoring employee health, use of protective equipment, and cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting.

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