Do’s and Don’ts of YouTube Promotion

These days, YouTube is full of ads and branded content. Everything from hauls to product reviews to product placements fill videos in practically every genre and niche on the site. Brands can benefit immensely from YouTube influencer promotions

The Power of Word of Mouth

Contrary to what some people may believe, word of mouth is not an outdated, archaic marketing tool. Word of mouth and the role it plays for companies has changed through the years – there’s no doubting that. But through these changes, it is in fact just as important as ever.

Reasons to Rebrand

Change can be annoying, can’t it? Have you ever had a company you knew and loved completely change their logo, their slogan, or their advertising, and suddenly seem unfamiliar to you? This is called rebranding.

What is Social Listening and Why Does it Matter

Have you heard of Social Listening? It’s a very popular tool amongst brands right now, used to gauge and analyze their overall online presence. It has many aspects to it, but when they all come together, it has…

New Marketing Roles to Look Out For

As the world changes, the job market changes with it. Especially in fields that rely heavily on technology, new jobs are constantly emerging as new technologies are developed. In fact, many of the jobs today’s college students will get after graduation do not even exist yet.

How Discounts Can Help or Hurt your Business

Every brand offers sales and discounts at some point. When you’re considering whether to run a sale, there are many factors to weigh. Below are some ways discounts can help and some ways discounts can hurt your business.

Digital Marketing Buzzwords and What They Actually Mean

Buzzwords. Those words you hear all the time and can never seem to escape from. Every industry has their own set, and knowing what they mean and how to use them is essential for success in any field. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the key digital marketing buzzwords you’ll want to know to impress your colleagues, friends, or maybe even a potential employer.

St. Louis Influencers to Watch

We love ourselves some local influencers. If you aren’t following these ladies already, you’re missing out on some great content! There’s a little bit of something for everyone below, from fitness to food to fashion. Here are our 7 can’t miss St. Louis influencers.

Reaching a Local Audience Digitally

The digital age has helped businesses reach customers in so many new ways, and opened up numerous new avenues through which to communicate with the public. With these incredible opportunities there have, of course, come some new challenges as well.

Rebranding Successfully

There are many reasons to rebrand your business. Maybe your target demographic has shifted, maybe your offerings have changed, or maybe you just need a facelift to keep up with the times. Whatever the reason,