Threads Strategy For Restaurants

By now, everyone has heard of Threads, Meta’s newest social media platform that debuted in early July. It’s been dubbed the “Twitter-killer” and does indeed share many features with Twitter.

Threads is all the rage right now, but does it live up to the hype? As a small business owner, particularly a restaurant owner, should your brand join Threads? We’re here with the lowdown on all things Threads for small business.

How To Set A Restaurant Marketing Budget

Most restaurant owners know that they should be spending some money on marketing, but they’re not sure how much. Or how to decide where to spend it. Or why restaurant marketing really matters.

Here’s some important info about setting a restaurant marketing budget and how to do it well.

Can Google Bard Do This?

In response to the popularity of AI technologies, Google has recently developed a conversational AI service called Bard. Google Bard functions like any other AI chatbot such as ChatGPT and provides users with endless writing content. Google Bard is a great tool marketers can use to write posts, blogs, etc. As a digital marketing agency, we decided to test Google Bard’s features for marketers to let you know if it really is as great as it seems.

SEO Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know

Trying to improve your small business’ SEO but hitting a brick wall? Here are some industry secrets that you might not know, that could make a huge difference for your brand’s website and SEO.

Google Bard Pros and Cons

Google Bard is here and it sure has been making its mark this year. What is Google Bard? Google’s answer to ChatGPT has some similarities to the well-known chatbot, but is also different in many ways. Whether you’re looking to make use of Google Bard for marketing or personal purposes, here are some of the positives and negatives to note about the new AI chatbot from Google.

7 Ways Google Bard Can Help Your Restaurant

For those who do not know, Google has recently developed a new conversational AI service called Bard. Google Bard functions similarly to ChatGPT and like most AI chatbots, Bard can code, answer analytical questions, and help you with your writing needs. Artificial Intelligence has proved to be a very useful tool in the digital space, so it is important for businesses to take advantage of services such as Google Bard.

Case Study: Analysis of a Website

In past blogs, we’ve covered some of the important features your brand’s website should have, particularly for restaurants and brands in the hospitality industry. Today though, we’re really illustrating this point.

Is Facebook Still Relevant For Brands?

Though many people might believe that Facebook is reaching its end, it is still the most used social media platform. Facebook’s user base is estimated to include around 2.96 billion active users monthly. Despite its ability to remain at the top, you may be wondering if Facebook is still relevant for brands. Listed below are three reasons why Facebook is still an important tool for social media marketing in 2023

Client Success Story: Guido’s

We love celebrating the successes of our clients! Helping a local small business owner grow their brand is what we do best.

Today, we’re highlighting one of our long-term clients, Guido’s Pizzeria and Tapas. As a marketing Swiss army knife, we’ve helped them grow, develop their business, and navigate the very uncertain pandemic years.

Choosing The Right Digital Marketing Agency: Avoid These Red Flags

Marketing your small business can be challenging and time-consuming when you’re also trying to juggle all the other responsibilities of a business owner. Oftentimes, hiring a digital marketing agency can save you time and ensure your marketing is being effectively managed. But how can you be sure you’re choosing the right agency? Below are some signs to look out for. The best digital marketing agencies are Swiss army knives, who can do it all and won’t raise any of these red flags.

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