Reasons to Invest in Digital Paid Ads

For companies who do not have extensive experience in digital marketing, the idea of making a large financial investment into paid advertisements can be scary. Paying for digital ads is obviously much more costly than just running social media accounts and focusing on organic digital marketing means. However, paid advertising is usually worth the investment, and can bring in impressive results for your brand. Below are just a few of the many reasons you should consider investing in paid ads for business if you aren’t already.

Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Content Planning

Planning social media content for a brand is a multi-faceted job. You have to balance the business goals of your company with the various social platforms you are on and the type of content users prefer consuming on each.

When it comes to content planning, no matter the channel(s) you’re working with, there are some basic rules you should follow. Here are some do’s and don’ts for social media content planning.

Is your Website Truly User-Friendly?

With so much commerce taking place online these days, it’s more important than ever that your website is user-friendly. You may think your site is all set, but is it really? Here are a few easy things you can do and changes you can make to ensure your audience has a seamless experience on your site.

The Continued Value of Virtual Events

After a long year of Zoom meetings and virtual events, people are very ready this summer to get back to in-person events. But even as the world reopens and “normalcy” resumes, virtual events continue to have their space. In fact, they can be a very valuable addition to many companies’ digital marketing arsenals. We’re walking through some of the ways virtual events are continuing to be utilized, the benefits these types of events have, and their outlook for the future.

Digital Marketing in a Changing Digital Landscape

The world is changing quickly, especially when it comes to the digital landscape. This fast pace can leave digital marketers with many questions as they’re trying to stay ahead of the curve: How can I keep up? How can I discern between what will be a passing trend and what is likely to stick around? How often do I need to change my strategy? How can I plan ahead with everything changing so quickly?

Digital marketing is fast-paced, there’s no doubt about it, and with this pace comes some challenges. Below are some tips for keeping up with the changing digital landscape in a way that optimizes your digital marketing efforts.

Best Organization Tools for Your Business

No matter how big or small your business is, it can be a challenge to keep everything and everyone organized. Even if it seems unnecessary in the moment, it is best to set standards and start making use of tools while your business is still small, so expansion and growth are more seamless. Here are some of the most useful organizational tools and technologies to help keep your business moving in the right direction.

Top 5 Ways To Generate Leads Using Social Media

Are you ready to take your brand’s visibility and engagement to the next level? Start by generating more social media leads to help you promote your product or service and reach a larger audience at a low cost. Here are 5 social media lead generation tactics and recommendations to help you succeed.

Best Practices for Community Management

Managing an online community can be quite an undertaking. There are many facets to the job, from curating content to moderating comments and user posts. Here are some best practices for keeping your community at its best.

How Pinterest and Instagram Are Making Shopping Easier

While both very successful, Instagram and Pinterest have both faced their fair share of struggles in recent years. In particular, they have both lost some favor with companies and influencers, so have had to try to capitalize on the rise of social shopping. More and more social media users expect to make purchases directly through social media, and expect that these channels will make their buying experience easier. To help raise their profile among businesses and influencers, Instagram and Pinterest have each separately introduced new capabilities recently. Read on for our take on the newest shopping tools available on these two channels.

5 Techniques to Get More Reviews for Your Business

Before deciding where to go or what to buy, people check out a company’s reputation by looking at online reviews and ratings. Therefore, having satisfied consumers write about their experience is always beneficial to you. Your customers’ feedback enhances your company and its products or services. Likewise, it enhances your online reputation while convincing others to choose your business. So how do you encourage your customers to write outstanding reviews to help your business succeed? Check out 5 five techniques to get more online reviews for your business.

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